Trafficking in persons: Number of victims has reduced significantly in recent years (video)

Twenty-six cases of trafficking of Armenian citizens were reported in 2016. They were reported in Armenia, Russia, Turkey and UAE and in most cases people were trafficked for the purpose of labour exploitation.

“In addition to trafficking in women and men, we also had cases when minors were subjected to trafficking or forced labour. In many cases, people, who are looking for employment opportunities, trust their neighbours and relatives who offer them attractive jobs in Armenia or abroad,” Eleonora Virabyan, a chief specialist of the Family, Women and Children Affairs Department of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Based on the report, ten criminal cases were initiated in 2016.

“In recent years, Armenia has become more active in combating trafficking, because it is becoming more dangerous,” says Vahram Kazhoyan, Head of the Department of International Organizations of theMinistry of Foreign Affairs.

Compared to the first years of independence, the number of victims of trafficking has significantly declined.