The Untitled by Areg Nazaryan and Hamlet Chobanyan (video)

A quarter-century’s friendship on the same stage. But in this case friendship is a means to express colors and feelings more harmoniously; the topic is a man and the earth.

Singer Areg Nazaryan, who performs his author songs, and mime show artist Hamlet Chobanyan for about two hours make the audience see the life from aside, everything, which a person lives phase by phase. They climb the stairs of life, fall down, fight with the truth and lies, win or lose, look for or find relative justice.

Songs and sketches don’t pass by the political life of Armenia. They recall the Bringer of Bread nicknamed as Hats Berogh, present their option of solution to Nagorno Karabakh conflict.

It isn’t the first time they perform before the audience in this format. But their cooperation dates back to 1993 and earlier.

This time Areg and Hamlet decided to express themselves, complementing each other.

When freedom and honesty of the two mixes, it becomes a performance, which doesn’t have a name yet. After the performance the audience offers its options, and the best one will receive a little prize.

Watch the video for more details!