Deadlock or reform? One year after events in Erebuni police regiment (video)

The actions of “Sasna Dzrer” armed group were an extreme step. According to the human rights activists, it displayed that in our country the citizens lost the hope for reforms.

Numerous people gathered near the police regiment hoped that the authorities would learn lessons from this situation and would undertake reforms. The authorities learnt lessons, but took the opposite direction.

“They learnt lessons, but other lessons, for not allowing any calls for disobedience, destroying and receiving absolute majority during the elections. So, the lesson was to make stricter the situation and eliminate any attempts for opposition,” says human rights activist Avetik Ishkhanyan.

Irrespective of the fact that members of Sasna Dzrer resorted to the armed revolt out of desperation, it wasn’t the only and best option, says advocate Ara Ghazaryan, “It was unexpected for me that many think that the violence can lead to reforms, one thing, which both in law and in human rights theory is rejected. Attack, seize and think that the country will be reformed, I think it is a deadlock.”

The case of Sasna Dzrer is in the court. Many don’t expect fair trails.

“I regret to say that just at the beginning of the judicial process there were cases of ill-treatment just in the court, it will cast a shadow over the judicial process,” says Ara Ghazaryan.