“The word courage can be linked to the name of Tigran Ter Yesayan” (video)

One of the auditoriums of the School of Advocates was named after advocate Tigran Ter Yesayan. The contribution of the advocate, who untimely died one year ago, cannot be underestimated.
“The word ‘courage’ can be linked to the name of Tigran Ter Yesayan; he was a courageous man and led very active professional activities,” noted Chairman of the Chamber of Advocates Ara Zohrabyan.

At the beginning of the 2000s Tigran Ter Yesayan established the International Union of Advocates, which became a school for many well-known and successful advocates.

The well-known case of advocate Tigran Ter Yesayan was the defense of the interests of “A1+” TV company, which was deprived of the air in 2002, up to the European Court.

His last case was defense of the interests of former Deputy Defense Minister of the RA Vahan Shirkhanyan along lines of the case of the “criminal group” neutralized in Nork Marash, but it remained unfinished because of untimely death of the advocate.

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