AR MoD: Adversary violates ceasefire more than 300 times

From July 2 to 8 increase of tension has been registered in the Line of Contact between the opposing forces of Artsakh and Azerbaijan. In general, the adversary violated the ceasefire regime more than 300 times, using 60 mm, 82 mm and 120 mm mortars, D-44 cannon and grenade launchers in different directions of the front line.

To note, on July 4 for the first time after April War the Azerbaijani armed forces in the southern direction of the Line of Contact used 122 mm D-30 cannon and TR-107 multiple rocket launchers, targeting Armenian positions. Installing the abovementioned rocket launchers near Alkhanlu village, as usual, the Azerbaijani armed forces hid at the back of the peaceful population, using the latter as a live shield, roughly violating the norms of the international right.

Using its full right to defense and for silencing the adversary’s fire coming from the positions installed near peaceful settlements, the DA vanguard units had to take retaliatory actions.

Along the entire Line of Contact the Defense Army continues to dictate the situation and carry out their military duty.