Ed. Sharmazanov: “Don not artificially separate Karen Karapetyan from the Republican Party” (video)

Serzh Sargsyan isn’t intended to remain in power until 2040, when he told in the parliament that until that year the GDP would be increased by 5 times.

The NA Deputy Speaker Eduard Sharmazanov notes, “Irrespective of the fact which force is in power, we should set that strategic goal and move forward.”

What Serzh Sargsyan said is simply a long-term project, which, according to Eduard Sharmazanov, mustn’t be identified with the longevity of the Republican Party, “People are to decide; much will happen until 2040.”

The Speaker of the Republican Party also comments on the question, whether there are contradictions between Karen Karapetyan’s personnel and the Republican Party, “Do not artificially separate Karen Karapetyan from the Republican Party.”

According to Eduard Sharmazanov, the Premier personally joined the Republican Party. In reply to the question, whether the Speaker rules out the possibility that when after 2018 the powers of Serzh Sargsyan end, the Premier, nevertheless, will quit his post, “Theoretically there may be thousand and one scenarios.”

Mr Sharmazanov doesn’t want to speak of developments in 2018. At this moment the Party is involved in formation of the government.