Alik Sargsyan: Swearing is not appropriate for a man (video)

“I see hidden provocation there,” Republican lawmaker Alik Sargsyan said on May 19 after he was asked to comment on the latest incident in one of the campaign offices of mayoral candidate Taron Margaryan when the leader of the Yerkir Tsirani Party Zaruhi Postanjyan and her daughter were forcibly dragged out of the office by law enforcement agencies. The police used violence against Postanjyan and her teenage daughter during Sundays’ municipal elections in Yerevan. Postanjyan went to the campaign office located in Avan district on the election day to expose what she said lists of voters who had already voted for Margaryan. Along with her daughter, who acted as her proxy, she was forced out of the premises by police officers called in by the ruling party’s activists.

When asked whether the actions of the police were lawful, Alik Sragsyan said, “I do not want to give an assessment, but it matured to that extent because if a phenomenon contains a provocation it is fraught with all kinds of developments.”

Can you swear over the constitution that voters did not receive bribes?

In reply to A1+’s question Alik Sargsyan said it can only swear in his name but in this case it is not appropriate for a man.