Soldiers to participate in dolma festival (video)

Dolma has been an integral part of Armenian festive tables since the pantheistic period. Over the years, the dolma dish has not changed.

Every year, a festival dedicated to the famous Armenian dish is organized in different regions of the country. The first Dolma festival was organized in 2011. According to historians, the first Armenian Dolma was introduced in Sardarapat town around 3000 years ago. This year, the festival will be held for the seventh time. High level guests and renowned personalities will attend the event. The objective of the festival is to make Armenia more appealing for tourists, to introduce traditional Armenian cuisine to wider masses, and to introduce dolma as a truly Armenian dish. This year, the festival will be held on May 20 in Hnaberd, a town not far from the country’s historical capital of Dvin.

This year, the festival will also feature servicemen.

Watch the video to know more details about the festival