Ruben Hayrapetyan can freely invite David Yurchenko

During the Confederations Cup all the football players may use public transport for free.

The organizers of the tournament announced that during the days of the matches the tickets will also serve as metro, bus, trolley and tram tickets.

“We think that most of the fans will arrive by their own cars, which will make the city’s traffic busier. We would like football players to use public transport during traffic jam,” said a member from the organizational group.

Confederations Cup will be held from June 17 to July 2 in four Russian cities- Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kazan and Sochi.

By the way, Head Coach of Russian football team published names of those 30 football players, who will get ready for that tournament. Armenian goalkeeper David Yurchenko isn’t among them. It means that Chairman of the Football Federation of Armenia Ruben Hayrapetyan can freely invite David Yurchenko to the national team of Armenia, as he had announced it a few days ago.