Let the new principal be a shepherd living in our village – say angered residents (video)

The secondary school of Bagaran community in Armavir marz has stood empty for a week. Parents do not allow their children to attend classes as a sign of protest against the new principal who is the wife of the mayor of the neighbouring community – Yervandashat.

The candidate nominated from the neighbouring community was appointed to the post by a decision of Deputy Prime Minister Vache Gabrielyan after comparing the documents of the two candidates. The information was relayed to the locals Ministry of Territorial Administration and Development.

Residents of Bagaran community are sure that it was a political decision and are not satisfied with the official answer. They are more concerned that the mayor of their community does not want to interfere because, as he says, he does not want to offend the headman of Yervandashat.

We tried to speak to the head of Bagaran community on the matter but he had gone on holiday.