Tense situation near government building: SRC statement angered tradespeople (video)

13.50 Market traders in Yerevan, who are staging a protest outside the government building, were offered to meet with deputy prime minister and representatives of tax authorities to discuss their concerns with him. However, the demonstrators refused the offer, saying they would only talk to the prime minister.

The protesters say they will return to the square again and continue the protests until they see the PM.

12.40 The statement made by the State Revenue Committee has angered the tradespeople who are holding a protest outside the government building in Yerevan. They have decided to walk around Republican Square as a sign of protest.

Workers of fairs staged a protest action in front of the RA Government's building

12.00 The situation is tense in front of the government building where hundreds from Yerevan markets demand that tax authorities leave them alone and let them work as usual. They claim that tax inspectors threaten them, forcing them to present every time what they sell and buy, thus creating an atmosphere of fear in the markets. They also insist that traders keep accountants.

The angered salespeople demand a meeting with the prime minister and say they will not leave the area unless they talk to him.

The State Revenue Committee has issued a statement saying the checkups carried out by the Committee have a preventive aim and they do not target anyone. “Obviously, the protest is well organized and masterminded. Provoking such protests for personal interests is futile. The Committee is determined to go till the end,” the SRC said assuring law-abiding taxpayers that it will not interfere with their activities.

The full statement in the Armenian version is available here