Samvel Babayan makes statement at court (video)

Samvel Babayan, former Minister of Defense of Nagorno Karabakh, today participated in court hearing of appeal along lines of his case. He made a statement at a closed session.

“He announced that he has no connection with the charges levied against him. The accusations have no grounds and he will not run away, as he is Artsakh hero and didn’t run away even during war,” said his advocate Avetis Kalashyan.

Samvel Babayan, who is accused of an attempt to smuggle an Igla anti-aircraft missile system into Armenia asked the Court also to remove the decision on detention. Both the Prosecutor and the investigator refused, saying that the decision of the Court of First Instance is lawful and grounded.

Samvel Babayan didn’t make any political statements.

Whether Samvel Babayan’s precautionary measure will be changed or not will be known tomorrow morning.

Watch details in the video