U.S. Embassy in Armenia welcomes investigation into troubling report by Hayastan24 (video)

In its latest Tweet U.S. Embassy in Armenia welcomes Prosecutor General’s investigation into the troubling report by Hayastan24 of pressure applied to voters.

“Following the recent parliamentary election, the U.S. and other international organizations issued a statement noting that the electoral process was tainted by credible information about vote-buying and pressure on voters. In that statement, we urged the Armenian government, political parties, and civil society to work together to address these concerns through legal mechanisms, and we thus welcome the announcement today by the Prosecutor General that he is investigating the troubling report just published by Hayastan24. A credible and transparent investigation of this kind would be in line with the Prime Minister’s February 9 warning against the use of administrative resources. We trust that the government will ensure there is no retaliatory action against any individual or organization that comes forward with credible information for investigation,” the Embassy said.