Armenians used to be spice for Serbia (video)

Thirty years ago, when I first came to this country as a tourist, I bought a casket from a souvenir shop. Where should I know that it might return to its homeland one day?” says Rade Pilipović, Chairman of the Serbian Magicians Society, who arrived in Armenia with his spouse, artist Mirjana Tomašević.

Exhibition of the Serbian makeup artist Mirjana Tomašević opened at the Folk Art Centre after Hovhannes Sharambeyan, where her husband performed magic tricks.

“This is our little gift on the occasion of Maternity Day. We loved your hospitable country,” said Rade Pilipović. His wife was most impressed by the Armenian hospitability and Mount Ararat.

Honorary Consul of the Republic of Serbia Babken Simonyan says he uses every opportunity to develop cultural ties between Armenia and Serbia as it is the language of the culture that bridges nations. “As Serbs say Armenians were spice for their country. However, the [Armenian] community has somewhat weakened today.”