SamvelBabayan accepts his connection to illegal weapon and gives information

As a result of the activities carried out by the National Security Service, on March 22, 2017 Igla anti-aircraft missile system was found, reports the RA Prosecutor General’s Office.

A criminal case was instituted in the Investigative Department of the RA National Security Service on March 22, 2017 according to the RA Criminal Code Article 235, Part 2 and Article 235.1, Part 2, Provision 1 in connection with the cases of illegal procurement, transportation or carrying of weapons, ammunition, explosives or explosive devices.

On suspicion of involvement in this crime, on March 22, 2017 three citizens were detained, including Samvel Andranik Babayan.

Charges were levied against Samvel Babayan and his accomplices according to RA Criminal Code Article 235, Part 2 and Article 235.1, Part 2, Provision 1.

Though the people accused of the abovementioned crime don’t plead guilty to the charges levied against them, during the interrogation in the status of a suspect they, including Samvel Babayan, accepted their connection to the illegal circulation of the abovementioned weapon and gave information on its circumstances.

To remind, he Court of General Jurisdiction of Kentron and Nork-Marash Administrative Districts upheld the mediation of the National Security Service to detain Samvel Babayan and his accomplices for two months.

Preliminary investigation into the case continues.