“Tale for children and grownups” (video)

A play will be premiered in Boheme Theatre on March 25, “Puppet shop” musical comedy for children and grownups.

“Success of ‘New Year holidays with Nazar’ play was a hint that there is a need for good children’s plays and the idea of a new play was born,” says author of the play Narek Duryan.

“Maintaining the national, but not to forget that we live in the 21st century, This is the principle of the new performance,” says Narek Duryan. “We are also friends with Mickey Mouse, Tom and Jerry, but we do not forget the heroes of Tumanyan’s works, because as Voltaire said ‘My cup is small, but I drink out of my cup’”.

The children’s play should equally interest both the children and the grownups. Narek Duryan says that it is the guarantee of success.

The author of the songs of the play is Narek Duryan. The author of the text and stage design is also Narek Duryan together with his students.