Live: Protest action in memory of “Bringer of bread” (video)

18:30 Protest action in memory of Arthur Sargsyan, known as “Bringer of bread”, kicked off from Liberty Square.

“Armenia’s Government created a situation and in fact neglected thousands of protesters,” said Shahen Harutyunyan.

The activist thinks that not enough will was displayed for the struggle of burying “Bringer of bread” in Yerablur pantheon.

Shahen Harutyunyan added that Arthur Sargsyan’s requiem service will be held tomorrow in San Lazaro funeral parlor, and the funeral will be the next day in Shahumyan cemetery.

“Tomorrow at 3 p.m. we will gather in front of Sports and Concert complex and will march peacefully and silently to the funeral parlor,” it was announced.

As always police officers accompanied the march participants.

18:45 Protesters are marching on Abovyan street, where tense situation established because of the protesters tried to sit down. Policemen made them stand up and continue the march. There was jostle between the protesters and the policemen.

As of now tension decreased on Abovyan street, and march participants continue the march and heading towards Republic Square.

19:40 March participants urge the citizens to join them, they are demanding resignation of current Prosecutor. As of now protesters are in Republic Square. They also blame Serzh Sargsyan for Arthur Sargsyan’s death.