“Iranians come to Armenia to remove their clothes and for shopping” (video)

In 2016 tourism has increased in Armenia by 5,7 percent. 31 percent of the increase relates to Iranian tourists. The Armenian side initiates measures to welcome Iranians more hospitably. According to the words of Gevorg Orbelyan, Head of Yerevan Municipality Department of Tourism, in various places in Yerevan posters were installed reading “Welcome to Yerevan”, “Happy New Year to You”.

Zarineh Zeytuntsyan, Chairman of the State Committee of Tourism, says that Iranians come to Armenia to feel them freer, to remove their clothes, for shopping, but they are also interested in sights of interest.”

It isn’t a secret that many sectors of service try to receive extra benefits, using people’s unawareness of prices in Armenia. How not to be cheated? Zarineh Zeytuntsyan highlights that no administrative mechanism can operate here. “There is lack of information. When I myself visit other countries, I surf the internet to find information on prices.”

For Iranians on average 5-day packages for 2 people in Armenia is USD 300-400.