Happy people advised to elect HHK (video)

Ararat Zurabyan, representative of “Tsarukyan” alliance, advises the voters to give their vote to the political power, which aims not only at surpassing 5 or 7 percent and entering the NA. As the experience can show, that power is not able to carry our serious changes in the NA.

“As for Tsarukyan alliance, by getting majority, it comes to power and forms the government. But only in case of absolute majority, if not by forming coalition with each other, a majority is formed,” Ararat Zurabyan told the journalists.

But Tsarukyan alliance will not form a coalition with the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK).

Lawmaker’s candidate reminded that today marks the Day of Happiness according to the decision of the UNO. He advised happy people to elect the HHK, and the others to vote for them. They promise justice, hope and work to their voters.

Watch the video for details!