Oskanian-Raffi-Ohanyan alliance in Ashtarak: live (video)

“Ohanyan-Raffi-Oskanian” alliance starts another day of campaign from the city of Ashtarak. Armen Martirosyan first remembered Arthur Sargsyan nicknamed as “Bringer of bread”, who, he thinks, died because of the authorities, “If there wasn’t the second decision on detention, there wouldn’t be hunger strike and his health condition wouldn’t deteriorate.”

Recently Armen Mikayelyan has been sentenced to 1 year imprisonment, “He became another political prisoner of Armenia.” If ORO alliance comes into power, there will be amnesty, “Prisons are filled with innocent people and they must be freed.”

Mihran Poghosyan has millions of dollars, but no one asks him where from he has got them. The opposite happened; he is a precinct candidate of the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK), “It is a clear message by the authorities. What the HHK does through the propaganda is simply forgery. We don’t need a Prime Minister, who smiles all day long, but one, who works all day long.”

Armen Martirosyan says that they will change the system established by the HHK, “We resort to deep regime change. We should create a united society, where there is democracy.”

People in Armenia are not destined to live like this, says Varta Oskanian, “The authorities are fully responsible for this situation. We can change this situation.”

You can follow the meetings of Oskanian-Raffi-Ohanyan alliance live on “A1+”.