March in memory of Artur Sargsyan continues in Yerevan (video)

21.10 The protesters closed Republic Square where the Government Building stands for some time but the police used force to drive them away from the square and restore the traffic there.

Someone urged citizens not to incite provocations and wait for the government’s reply.

The situation remains tense at the square.

20:42 Reaching the Government Building, the protesters gave time to government representatives to come out and answer the question whether Artur Sargsyan will be buried at Yerablur Pantheon or not. After waiting for a long time for government officials, the group started a sit-in on Nalbandyan street.

19.27 One citizen was injured as protesters jostled with police in downtown Yerevan. “The citizen had his shoulder broken and was taken to hospital by ambulance,” said one of the demonstrators.

“When the police officers started to push aside the group, he fell down and several other citizens fell on him, breaking his shoulder,” he said.

19.25 After short negotiations, the police allowed the demonstrators to continue their march along Mashtots Avenue. At present, they are marching through the avenue chanting, “Artur, Artur!”

19.20 The police threaten to use force if citizens participating in the demonstration in memory of Artur Sargsyan do not open the busy area of the street. One of the protesters, Shahen Harutyunyan is negotiating with the police and asking for their permission to continue the march but the police would not agree, assuming that the protesters might close Mashtots Avenue.

19.00 Numerous questions concerning the death of Artur Sargsyan remain unanswered.

Sargsyan’s backers against gathered at Liberty Square on Saturday two days after his death to once again press their demands.

They do not believe the official version of the death.

“Artur was killed,” they say. The angered citizens demand that Artur be buried at Yerablur Pantheon. Now they are waiting for the reply of the Armenian Government.

The group is expected to hold a march to the Government Building to know the reply.