Yelk says its candidate’s headquarters was attacked in Shirak marz

The campaign headquarters of the Yelk (Way Out) alliance says the election office of one of its candidates stationed in Mets Mantash, a village in Shirak marz has been attacked today.

in the morning of March 18, Sofia Hovsepyan, the bloc’s candidate in Constituency N11 (SHirak marz), went to the building to find the windows broken and campaign materials torn down and defaced. According to first estimates, the damage amounts to AMD 40 000.

The alliance says this was not the first time the offices of its candidates have been attacked. They received similar reports from Vanadzor, Yerevan and Artik. “The attacks have turned from administrative offenses into criminal offenses and are aimed at causing material damage to the alliance, creating a climate of fear, interfering with the election campaign and preventing the Yelk alliance from finding areas to rent for its campaign offices,” said the alliance.

The opposition bloc calls on law enforcement authorities to be consistent and uncover the crime. It also urges election observation missions to pay special attention to the aforesaid occurrences.