Richard Clayderman says he does not regret his choice (video)

There is no need to introduce Richard Clayderman to the Armenian audience, say the organizers of the pianist’s concert in Yerevan.

The renowned composer will perform a concert at the Karen Demirchyan Sports and Concerts Complex in Yerevan on March 18.
Clayderman, himself, says he is happy to be in Armenia again because he feels special warmth. He is thankful for the love that he feels from the Armenian audience towards his music.

The composer believes that the concert will be a success. He has prepared a new program but he regrets that he has not involved Armenian composers in it. “I shall do it next time,” the pianist said today. Richard Clayderman is glad that the Armenian State Chamber Orchestra will accompany the concert. During his previous concert, he was impressed by their professionalism.

In reply to A1+’s question why he preferred commercial art to classical music, Clayderman said he did not regret his choice, because time showed that he made a right decision and that very music made him famous in the world.