Kiraki: Iron ladle: live streaming on Facebook: new propaganda technologies (video)

Campaign of parliamentary elections has kicked off on March 5. For 27 days 5 parties and 4 alliances will present their projects, their candidates, will make promises. They will use different methods of propaganda- virtual, real, oral, written.

On the first day of the campaign, the Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) video became topic of discussions on the Internet. The video included our favorite heroes- Levon Aronian, Arthur Abraham, Henrikh Mkhitaryan, and the song was performed by Reincarnation band, which later called those, who criticized them on Facebook, addle-headed and added that all that had no connection with politics.

HHK Vice President Armen Ashotyan added “honorable liberal critics of our video should know that it is also a human right and display of political struggle, which should be respected.”

Region Research Center has examined the activeness of the parties in different propaganda platforms. All the powers stress the importance of Facebook. Here the page of Nikol Pashinyan has the highest number of likes, 40.000. The number of those, who liked the page of Raffi Hovannisian, is 33.000, Seyran Ohanyan’s- 19.000.

On March 7 at night the central headquarters of Yelk (Way out) alliance in Vanadzor have been attacked. Unknown people tore the pre-election campaign posters of the alliance. The CEC and the police initiated measures to find and punish the sinners.

Later leader of alliance Edmon Marukyan announced in Vanadzor that thereafter their posters would be more protected and visible.

Which are the means of propaganda used by the political powers, which are the innovations during this campaign? All these issues were discussed during the program.

Videos of “Sosi” and “Tsayg” TV companies present how the first week of campaign proceeded in Gyumri and Kapan.

The program hosted political psychologist Hakob Badalyan and Hayk Kirakosyan, Head of Armenian Center for PR Development.