Founding Parliament members visit Artur Sargsyan

Members of the Founding Parliament movement today visited Artur Sargsyan, who was released from pre-trial detention on Monday following his 25-day hunger strike.

Sargsyan has been transferred from the intensive care unit of the Armenia Medical Center to a general ward since his condition has considerably improved. He was taken to the Armenia Medical Center yesterday after he was released from the Hospital of Convicts penitentiary institution.

“We visited him. He is invincible…

Sunken but not weakened, with an unconquerable spirit,” FP member Syuzan Simonyan wrote on her Facebook page publishing the photos of Artur Sargsyan.

The Office of the Prosecutor-General ordered Artur Sargsyan’s release after six opposition lawmakers posted bail for him in the amount of 3 million drams.

Artur Sargsyan (nicknamed the “bringer of bread”) drove his car through a police cordon to take food to the Sasna Dzrer group members during their two-week standoff with security forces. He surrendered to law enforcement authorities on July 31 along with the remaining gunmen barricaded in the police compound which they seized on July 17. Sargsyan was freed in December due to his deteriorating health condition. The Special Investigative Service again detained him on Feb. 9, saying he ignored a summons to show up in his court hearing. Sargsyan began a hunger strike the next day in protest against his detention.