Kiraki: Closure of boarding schools increases number of begging children (video)

In Armenia all the children should live in families; at least, our state is trying to achieve that goal.

The institutions carrying out round-the-clock child care, orphanages, boarding schools, must be turned into social care centers. The process has started about 10 years ago with the relevant change in the law and they must achieve the state that all the children in Armenia grow up in families, at the same time carrying out social support with the efforts of the state and NGOs.

The results of the assessments show that the majority of children, 65 % can return to the biological families, if within the frames of reforms in their communities, relevant to needs, alternative services are created.

Which are the risks in this process? Why is it delayed?

The program hosted Lusine Simonyan, Director of Children’s Development Fund and Ida Khachatryan, head of Yerevan Municipality division of the family, women and children’s rights protection.

Our colleagues from “Tsayg” and “Lori” TV companies prepared materials for the program.