Chief of intelligence, commander among casualties of Azerbaijani side: record (video)

The press service of the Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Artsakh presents two pieces of footage proving the subversive penetration attempt initiated by the adversary in the eastern direction on February 24-25 overnight. The first footage shows in the direction of Akna

  1. Usage of “Tropa” demining system by the adversary
  2. Explosion of grenade launchers and other large-caliber weapons used by the adversary
  3. Retreat of the adversary’s intelligence squad

The second video shows in the direction of Martuni:

  1. Activities of penetration of the adversary’s subversive intelligence group and their neutralization by the Armenian forces
  2. Casualties of the adversary (5 bodies). According to the DA information obtained by relevant services, Azerbaijani AF 181st brigade Chief of Intelligence, Major Abdulayev, Commander of the brigade’s intelligence unit, Senior Lieutenant Ashimli Shakhlar, scout Adehuseynov and two more servicemen were among the casualties.

Besides the footage, here is also a record of phone conversation from the adversary’s camp.