Komandos: “What we have is patriotism” (video)

“Our biggest achievement during the years of independence is our army. Victorious spirit of our soldiers. We have a powerful army,” says painter Nikol Aghababyan, “If we have problems, we have them with the government and not the army.”

Exhibition dedicated to St. Vardanants Day and the 25th anniversary of Armenian army opened in the National Gallery of Armenia. “The Union of Armenians of the World” is the organizer of the event.

Anahit Martirosyan, commander of “Anahit” squad, was surprised at her portrait painted by Hripsime Grigoryan. The exhibition itself is a series of memories.

According to the words of Arkady Ter-Tadevosyan, war and army are not only the soldiers and generals. They are the waiting parents, their wives and children. And it is important that not only the modern history is displayed, but also all the glorious pages of our nation. “We are still a very young state,” says Komandos, “Alas, we don’t have good neighbors, don’t have oil. What we have is patriotism, which was displayed by our soldiers during the Four-day war.”

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