Opinion: The more the situation worsens, the more passionately people love the authorities (video)

“Show me a political force in Armenia which has a different ideology,” Avetik Ishkanyan, Chairman of the Helsinki Committee of Armenia, told journalists during a news conference on Friday.

“Our problem is that we see no ideas. An artificial thing is put into circulation in the country – they distinguish between pro-Western and pro-Russian parties. But I do believe that the aim of a pro-Western force should be to turn Armenia into a European country, rather than changing bosses,” he said adding that it is a shame for us to hold elections, with political prisoners in prisons.

Vardan Khachatryan, a former member of the opposition Heritage party, said elections in Armenia are sliding back into the Middle Ages. “Starting from the money spent on elections which totals about $200 000 to proportional and majoritarian representation lists. We cannot but admit that we are regressing,” he said excluding the existence of ideological forces in an amorphous society.

In conclusion, Mr Khachatryan added that the more the situation worsens in the country, the more passionately people love the authorities.