Arthur Baghdasaryan is ready to cooperate with HHK (video)

After the NA elections Arthur Baghdasaryan is ready to cooperate with the Republican Party, “if he has full influence on decision making.”

Before that the party must be able to enter the parliament. Arthur Baghdasaryan knows who he can pin his hopes on for entering parliament, “God willing.”

His teammates, about 2500 people cannot expect anything good, if they don’t stand by God and assist the party to enter the parliament; Mr Baghdasaryan reminds his threat addressed to his teammates, which was accepted with applause, “I reiterate, people, I will excoriate you, if you do not work well.”

Armenian Renaissance Party will participate in elections as an oppositional force. It’s easy as 99 percent of the society is opposition. But it doesn’t mean that if the Republican Party receives, for example, 20 percent of votes, Baghdasaryan will say that elections have been rigged.

Arthur Baghdasaryan adds, “If we are an opposition today, it doesn’t mean that we are fighting for remaining an opposition.”

Here the first 6 places of the list of Armenian Renaissance Party (HVK):

Arthur Baghdasaryan

Mher Shahgeldyan

Heghine Bisharyan

Hovhannes Margaryan

Ishkhan Kachatryan

Edward Arakelyan