Residents are concerned about warm weather (video)

Residents of Rubinyants 2/2 building have lost the sensation of being at home or outside.

“It is dripping from all the places, it is awful. When it is snows and then gets warmer, it starts dripping,” Komunar Hambardzumyan told “A1+”.

In the flat of the residents living on the last 13th floor bowels are everywhere. The elevator hasn’t operated for already one month again due to melting snow.

The bases of the building have also weakened because of constantly flowing water. “The system must be fully repaired so that in spring, summer, autumn rainwater be removed and not wash the bases of the building,” added Vigen Adamyan.

The residents turned to the local authorities and received a reply not to expect any aid as there is no money.

Watch the video for more details!