Kurdish young people celebrate Tiarn’ndaraj

Kurdish Kubra Sayir together with his friends has joined the celebrations of Tiarn’ndaraj in the yard of St. Anna church. Kurdish young people don’t feel themselves as strangers; holidays of two nations have many similarities.

“Nowruz is like this holiday, which is celebrated on March 21st. We also make a fire and jump over it,” Kubra Sayir told “A1+”.

The celebrations in the churchyard were accompanied by ethnic songs and dances, and Kubra and his friends also took part in them. First, they were learning to dance ethnic dances, then they formed a small group and started singing and dancing their own national works.

Even cold weather doesn’t hinder these young people to get acquainted with sighseeings and holidays of the country.

“Today we have been in Garni and saw Armenia’s only pagan temple. It is very beautiful. I like very much architecture, but during these four days I liked especially Armenian winter,” said Kubra.