“Raffi Hovannisian wasted his heritage” (video)

Alen Simonyan, member of the Board of Civil Contract Party, says that for him Heritage Party is only Zaruhi Postanjyan. He cannot understand how that force can go and cooperate with former representative of the authorities- Seyran Ohanyan and Vartan Oskanian. “I don’t know Heritage Party anymore, and Raffi Hovannisian wasted his heritage.”

Republican Artak Davtya, who was also present at the press conference, added that the lists of both the Republican Party and other political forces will be similar to our society, “There will be authorities, pedagogues, businessmen. It means that people from all the layers of the society will be represented.”

Artak Davtyan adds that it isn’t surprising that the establishing alliances undergo corrosion.

Watch the video for details!