A. Baghdasaryan reminds men about Armenian women in Turkey (video)

In the Sports and Concert Complex after K. Demirchyan today the Armenian Renaissance Party (HVK) 2nd conference started with 20 minutes’ delay. Chairman of the party Arthur Baghdasaryan entered the hall under applause. He announced that as we have a snowy country, people have difficulty in reaching Yerevan. 2100 delegates have been registered for the conference. Statement will be adopted at the conference. Arthur Baghdasaryan noted in his speech that the HVK is participating in these elections readily, “We will propose programs, which will take the country out of this deep hole. Our enemies and adversaries even note that we are strong and are able to win. Small stones are nothing on our way. For 20 years the OEK has won and appeared in the NA. This time we will present a very pragmatic and realistic program.”

Touching upon the participation in the upcoming elections, he noted, “These are not elections of criminal and district authorities. We say ‘no’ to mass registration in regions, we should know that with a rigged vote they destiny their families.”

The victory of the HVK, according to Arthur Baghdasaryan, means establishment of a professional army, “We have always said that 18-year-old child mustn’t serve in the army, but there should be a paid, professional army, plunder must be stopped. Return of deposits. Today 82 thousand people have received their deposits- more than USD 40 million.”

Natural resources, according to Arthur Baghdasaryan, should be privatized, “Today they are mercilessly oppressed and raped by some people.” Then he addressed to Armenian men, “Collect your dignity; today our Armenian women are imprisoned in Turkey as they are engaged in immorality.” At the end he said one of their slogans, “Vote for change, vote for Armenian renaissance.”