Karabakh’s NSS releases video of Azeri soldier captured near Talish village (video)

The National Security Service of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic has release a video of Elnur Huseynzade, an Azerbaijani soldier captured by the NKR Defense Army on Wednesday while thwarting a military incursion attempted by Azerbaijan.

The NKR Defense Army said its forces stopped an Azerbaijani commando raid in the northern direction (near the village of Talish) of the frontline at around 3.00, on February 1. Elnur Huseynzade, an Azerbaijani soldier born in the city of Barda in 1995, was taken prisoner as a result.

The Azerbaijani Defense Ministry immediately denied launching incursions at that section of the frontline. Moreover, it confirmed that Huseynzade served in the Azerbaijani army but claimed that he was demobilized some time ago.

However, Huseynzade’s mother told an Azerbaijani news agency on Thursday that her son remained on duty as a contract soldier after completing a two-year compulsory military service in 2015.

On the same day Spokesman for the NKR Defense Army Senor Hasratyan said insisted that Huseynzade was armed and wore an Azerbaijani army uniform during his capture.

Considering the public uproar over the incident, Karabakh’s NSS today released the video providing information about the attempted incursion and Elnur Huseynzade.