“Almost 100% of Armenian agricultural production is saturated with heavy metals” (video)

“As of now Amulsar gold mine exploitation is impossible,” Seyran Minasyan, Senior Researcher at the Institute of Physics, “Civil Voice” NGO expert, told in the interview with “A1+”, “There are drawbacks in all the official documents in part of effect of the mine exploitation on the environment. We have carried out research and we should say that the basins, which are in the territory of mine exploitation, are endangered. The agricultural zones of Vayk and Sisian are also in that territory, but the chemical effect on plants and wild vegetation isn’t examined and presented.”

According to the expert, the abovementioned problems relate to any mining industry, but particularly in Amulsar case the situation is more catastrophic, “Amulsar is directly connected with Jermuk mineral waters, which are priceless. The absence of effects of mining industry isn’t proved scientifically. As long as there is no grounded, scientific evidence, the exploitation of the mine should be forbidden. The same relates to Sevan drainage basin- Kechut and Spandaryan reservoirs, though there is a conclusion that there is no connection between the mine and the reservoirs,” he said.

In connection with Amulsar gold mine exploitation, today “Civil Voice” NGO has organized a discussion, inviting representatives of environmental organizations. Environmentalist Karine Danielyan noted that on Saturday they met with the Minister of Health Levon Altunyan, which listened to their concerns.

“We had a surprisingly positive meeting. The Minister said that he will support us and agrees with us,” she said. According to the words of Mrs Danielyan, the Government is working on various development projects, which contradict each other.

“Today 400 mines operate in Armenia, 30 out of which are mines containing metals, it cuts off the basis of Armenia- both that of nature and economy. The development routes chosen by the Government contradict each other. We say that we develop tourism, clear agriculture- ecotourism, and at the same time we cover the country with 21 tailings. The studies show that almost 100 % of our agricultural production is saturated with this or that heavy metal.”