Hovhannes Sahakyan: I do not think new elections will be held in Vanadzor city (video)

The Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) rules out new elections of the Council of Elders in Armenia’s Vanadzor city no matter how long the opposition parties may continue their boycott.

“New elections and the like… They can be delayed for 6 or 7 months or a year at best. I do not think that social problems can wait for such a long time. I do not think that new elections will be held in Vanadzor,” HHK lawmaker Hovhannes Sahakyan said to A1+ Company.

Like other political forces, the HHK is preparing for the April 2 parliamentary elections. Currently, they are clarifying lists and choosing key participants. “All political forces seem to have restored the hope and faith that they can come to power and implement their programs through elections,” Mr. Sahakyan added.

The party sees itself as a major player in the political domain and considers it normal that all other forces view the HHK as their main contender in the elections. At the same time, the ruling political party does not accept the criticism that a majoritarian voting system is hidden under the guise of new proportional representation system.

“Under the new electoral system, the opposition forces can, according to various calculations, nominate 20 candidates in 13 polling stations against one HHK candidate, if, of course, they form an alliance representing up to 5-7 political forces. Doesn’t this fact ensure competition?”

The election campaign officially starts on March 5, but the opposition announces that people are already instructed how to vote in the elections.

On January 9, the OSCE Minsk Group Co-Chairs issued a statement in which they referred to a December 29 attempted incursion on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border which resulted in casualties.

The international mediators called upon the parties to cease mutual accusations, return human remains and undertake all necessary measures to stabilize the situation on the ground.

“Such passive and toothless statements give birth to new subversive attacks. The technique used on the frontline makes it clear who the attacker and initiator is,” the HHK lawmaker said.

The Co-Chairs also extended their condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers and to all Armenians and Azerbaijanis ‘for whom hopes for the New Year have been darkened with the grief of senseless loss.’