Political analyst: Azerbaijan cannot make its voice audible, hence it has to shoot on the border (video)

If an order is issued in Azerbaijan not to shoot on the border [with Armenia], no one will remember them,” political analyst Alexander Iskandaryan said on January 10.

He says infiltration attempts by Azerbaijani military are conditioned by this very fact.

“Azerbaijan has two tools to draw international attention to the Karabakh issue and those tools are its voice and weapons. As the international community does not pay attention to their voice, Azerbaijanis are forced to shoot on the border,” Mr. Iskandaryan told reporters on Tuesday.

At the same time, political analyst says there has been no breakthrough in negotiations over Karabakh. “The [OSCE] Minsk Group has not been dealing with the problem for several years now because it is clear that the conflict cannot be resolved, but at least the international mediators are trying to reduce the risks, prevent hostilities and violence,” he said in conclusion.