Love is the most important thing for Armenian-Japanese couple (video)

Lilit and Arihiko are a vivid example of a beautiful and friendly Armenian-Japanese family. The couple met in Armenia and decided to build a family here.

These people of different nationality, culture and religion decided to marry and settle in Armenia without a second thought and without paying attention to the reaction of others. Love was truly the most important thing for them.

The story of the Armenian girl, her black husband and their child has become a topic of active discussions on social networks. Some criticize the girl for marrying a foreigner.

“I used to think that I need to preserve my [Armenian] gene, but now I understand that when you marry you want to live and connect your life with this person. Why should I not choose the person I love and marry someone who is accepted by my milieu?” says Lilit.

Sociologist Aharon Adibekyan is surprised that people in Armenia began talking about mixed marriages only recently. At the same time he reminds that every year dozens of Armenians marry women of other nationality when doing seasonal work in Russia.