“Vartan Oskanian did not give a command to open fire” (video)

“Heritage” party hasn’t decided how it will participate in the NA elections due on April 2. “In case of participating alone, we would solve a minimal issue- ‘Heritage’ will be in the NA, but it will not give anything to the country. It is impossible to carry out fundamental changes or carry out regime change in the country being alone,” Vice President of “Heritage” Armen Martirosyan told “A1+”.

Not everybody in the party agrees on participating in the elections with alliance, but they are ready to put party’s interests aside in case of broad political consolidation, “It must be such a consolidation, which must create an impression of force center among the people and grant an opportunity for minimal fight.”

“Heritage” has principles, in case of ensuring which it is ready for cooperation, “We do not look at the past or with a microscope, we are inclined to future. If a person didn’t give a command to open fire, didn’t give a command to rig the elections and if the person can see the current situation in the country and tries to change anything, naturally, he can be a partner.”

“Heritage” does not rule out cooperation with “Consolidation” (Hamakhmbum) party headed by Vartan Oskanian, though, on March 1st, Oskanian was part of the authorities, “Vartan Oskanian, fortunately, didn’t give a command to open fire; he was a part of the authorities and his statement wasn’t accepted unequivocally. People, who were in the team of the authorities, took steps, said expressions, which weren’t accepted by the society. He wasn’t accused of corruption. It is obvious that Vartan Oskanian singles out with his education, intellect and work experience.”

In his turn, at its regular board session “Consolidation” party decided to establish a negotiation group in order to hold active consultations with political, social forces and other circles.