Lifer along lines of Vano Siradeghyan’s case asks for pardon

Lifer Armen Ter-Sahakyan has applied to Serzh Sargsyan, asking to make use of his exceptional right and pardon him.

One of the relatives of Armen Ter-Sahakyan noted in the interview with “A1+” that they have great expectations.

Lifer Armen Ter-Sahakyan held hunger strike for about a month. He expresses his complaint over postponing his application for early release for a year, as well as he demands a meeting with Felix Tsolakyan, Head of Serzh Sargsyan’s Control Service.

The lifer stopped his hunger strike on December 31 in connection with health problems. He may resume his hunger strike in the future.

Armen Ter-Sahakyan was sentenced to life imprisonment along lines of the case of former Minister of Internal Affairs Vano Siradeghyan and others.