50 advocates receive licenses

50 advocates, who graduated from the School of Advocates, today have received the licenses allowing them to be engaged in advocacy.

In his speech President of the Chamber of Advocates noted that starting from today they can be de jure addressed as advocate-colleagues, “Everything, in which all the generations of advocates have succeeded and which has been considered the achievement of the community, belongs also to you hereafter. Develop all the traditions of the community and fight against the negative phenomena existing in it. Today we can record that the advocates, who passed the School of Advocates, clearly realize the role and importance of community and individual fight against corruption. Most of them show anti-corruption behavior, not endangering the reputation of advocates.”

Simon Babayan, Director of the School of Advocates, congratulating the graduates, noted in his speech that with its professionalism the school isn’t inferior to similar schools in the world, “Practical education should be mastered at our school. We are moving forward and receive the results we have today. I hope that we will be granted a chance to cooperate as colleagues.”

At present 1730 advocate carry out professional activities in Armenia. By the way, there was no age limitation among the advocates receiving their licenses.