Real changes or pre-election steps? (video)

Armenia, which doesn’t have natural resources, is condemned to have small and medium-sized enterprises. The Government promises to achieve reductions in the price of natural gas for the SMEs until the end of the year. But this is not enough for the development of the sector.

“Generally in the absence of free competition, the small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) have hardly existed. The development of the small and medium-sized businesses forms a middle class, a certain level of income and the public complaints are automatically pushed backside,” tells economist Vardan Bostanjyan.

Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan’s Government program has been written for six months which is not a realistic deadline for the system changes.

Mr. Bostanjyan notes, “The only step in this situation is to ensure a free competition, to create attractive investment conditions and generally set free and not put pressure on businesses.”

The economist appreciates the idea of creating an investment fund by the Government program. It will be realized in 2017. Such kind of structure can stimulate the Armenian investments.

“Without these programs we will start to wander what to do in this field. Legally there must be insurance to assure the investor that he will not have any capital loss,” explains the economist.

Some changes are planned also in the spheres of the tax and customs. But will the time come, when Armenian tax inspector stops taking bribes? “If the rules of law as well as the factor of responsibility are created then how can they continue taking bribes?”

Though our respondents haven’t read the Government program, they have positive expectations. They link it to the personality of PM. By the way, the Government program will be discussed in the extraordinary session of the National Assembly.

Details in the video!