US Ambassador: World can learn lessons from Armenia (video)

Today a unique exhibition has been opened at the office of the Armenian representation of the AGBU. At the initiative of “Save the Children” organization dedicated to the World Refugee Day, photos of Armenians emigrated from Syria, Iraq and Ukraine are presented at the exhibition. The exhibition aims at once again drawing the attention of the society to the issues of the refugees.

The core of the exhibition is the photos of the refugees, who emigrated from Syria to Armenia during the civil war.

Arsen Stepanyan, Director of the Armenian office of “Save the Children” organization, noted, “At present it’s important to have sustainable policy, which is hospitable towards refugees, migrants and stateless persons. Today we are hosting the fourth generation of Armenians, who were expelled from the Ottoman Empire. In Yerevan we cooperate with Yerevan Municipality for the work of schools. There are about 1500 children registered in our base. This year 30 families have been provided a grant in order to start up a small business.”

“President Obama himself has brought forward issues to review the system and support the refugees. This year in September assembly will be held in New York over the issues of refugees,” said the U.S. Ambassador to Armenia Richard Mills. While touching upon the transportation of Syrian Armenians into the homeland, he highlighted, “The world can learn lessons from Armenia in terms of support, aid and reception of Syrian Armenian refugees. The Embassy of the United States is happy to join the support provided by the RA Government and the people to Syrian refugees.”

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