Exhibition with negative and bright sides (video)

Economist, dancer and currently photographer Anna Shashikyan has opened her first exhibition of portraits. Anna started taking pictures three years ago, but she has been interested in photography since her childhood. Though she got different professional education, she understood that she cannot imagine her life without camera.

The photos of her exhibition were taken during three years. She captured faces of not only Armenians, but also foreigners, “I took pictures also in Georgia, Egypt, Dubai, I have tried to show their characters, so that one can understand their psychology, emotions and feeling when looking at the photos.”

Today Anna is engaged in her three professions. She confesses that it isn’t easy, but she manages, “The more a person is busy, the more they manage to do. I became convinced of it from my own experience.”

The photos of the exhibition entitled “Inspiration” are divided into two parts. One part is bright, colorful photos, the rest are black-and-white, “I have tried to show that both in black-and-white photos and in the colorful photos there are negative and bright sides. It means that the bright photo may have negative emotions and vice versa, very dark photo may have positive elements.”

The photographer doesn’t reject; she photographs also during weddings and birthdays. She tries to display creative approach also during those events and to find “characters”.

The photos presented at the exhibition will also be sold. The photos cost from AMD 25.000 to 80.000. Anna intends to open a new exhibition with the income, “I have already photographed the children of orphanages, I want to take more pictures and open separate exhibition.”

The exhibition will be open at Stand Pub until June 24, and then it will be transferred to “Arno Babajanyan” concert hall.