Russian expert: The Armenian side can strike a big blow to Azerbaijan’s economy (video)

In the interview to the Russian-Armenian news agency the Russian military expert Vladimir Yevseyev touched upon the resumed hostilities between the Nagorno Karabakh Republic and Azerbaijan.

“I think Baku aimed at setting control in the security zone in one or several circles. The beginning of the hostilities was relatively successful for Azerbaijan, but later, using tanks, the Azerbaijani side faced the fact that the tanks were destroyed. In general, their operation wasn’t a success; the Azerbaijani side has numerous killed soldiers,” he highlighted.

The military expert also spoke about the soldiers fighting from the Azerbaijani side, “We have information that Turkish servicemen and Ukrainian mercenaries helped the Azerbaijani side.”

Mr. Yevseyev highlighted the fact that the NKR capital Stepanakert isn’t far from the border. “Azerbaijan could strike a blow against Stepanakert using heavy military equipment. It is clear that the consequences would be very serious. I think that the Armenian side would destroy Azerbaijan’s pipelines, which aren’t far from the border. It relates both gas and oil pipelines. It means that it would be a blow at Azerbaijan’s economy. For that reason, the threats connected with shelling Stepanakert, were provocations, like all the other actions, which were conducted.”

The expert draws attention to the fact that the Armenian side has appropriate position in some places, in high parts, and could attack Azerbaijan and pass the border. “Here Russia did its best in order to convince Armenia and the NKR Armed forces not to conduct retaliatory attack.”

Speaking about the role of the CSTO, he noted, “I think, it isn’t worth pinning hopes on the CSTO. It is worth pinning hopes on the Russian-Armenian allied relations. There are various states in the CSTO; some of them support Azerbaijan. Speaking about the armed forces of two sides, Mr Yevseyev said, “If we compare the armed forces of Azerbaijan and two Armenian states, we can say that Azerbaijan has advantage in the number of tanks, but there is no quality advantage. I think, Azerbaijan doesn’t have resources for lasting hostilities.”