Will Armenian POW Hakob Injighulyan be transferred to his country?

It is too early to speak about the return of Armenian soldier Hakob Injighulyan, who was transferred to a third country on August 26 after more than a year’s captivity in Azerbaijan, says Hakob’s brother.

Talking to A1+ Company, Harutyun Injighulyan said they are in regular touch with Hakob via Skype. Doctors have recommended Hakob to wear glasses; he does not have other health problems.

Harutyun Injighulyan says Hakob hasn’t yet been transferred to the final country where he must stay, but he says he is in good conditions, that everything is all right with him.

On the night of August 8, 2013, Hakob Injighulyan, 22, got lost and crossed the Azeri border where he was captured. After negotiation to have the soldier returned to Armenia, it was learned on August 26 that he has been released to a third country.

On the night of August 7, 2013, Hakob Injighulyan, an Armenian citizen and an army conscript, and was subsequently captured by Azeri soldiers. Hakob told his relatives that he had really lost his way and appeared on the enemy’s territory.