Yuri Vardanyan: I am not offended at all, my son is ready to take punishment

Armenia’s Ambassador to Georgia, World and European Champion in weightlifting Yuri Vardanyan considers the verdict announced in the case of his son as normal, NEWS.am reports.

Talking to the news agency, Mr Vardanyan said although the trial had been held in Syunik region, both the judge and the prosecutor had agreed the decision with their superiors in Yerevan. If after the consultation with their superiors they arrived at such a verdict, then they took the right decision.

“I have not spoken to the superiors and I am not going to. I am not offended by the decision.  My son is ready to bear responsibility, I see no problem here. He has made a mistake and should take his punishment,” said Yuri Vardanyan.

After the court return a verdict of ‘guilty’ against his son, Mr Vardanyan had a phone conversation with him. “Don’t worry, father,” his father told him on the phone.

David Vardanyan was arrested on the Iran-Armenia border last October on drug smuggling charges. Police said he was detained while attempting to smuggle drugs at the border.