Armenia was forced to join Customs Union (video)

Political scientist Styopa Safaryan is convinced that Armenia announced its decision to join the Customs Union was taken under pressure and blackmail.

On Wednesday, A1+ Company hosted an online debate entitled “A Year after the Decision to Join the Customs Union: Challenges and Prospects” which was initiated by the Media Center. The discussion was live-streamed by A1+.

During the meeting, political scientist Yervand Bozoyan said if Armenia had not announced its willingness to join the CU, it would be able to maintain the equilibrium.  The countries that show neutrality become winners in global politics.

Political scientist Vardan Khachatryan is convinced that Armenia will join the Eurasian Union, putting an end to the ‘either…or’ policy.

Political analyst Anush Sedrakyan said Russia has failed to defame Ukraine on the international arena but achieved the desired results in case of Armenia.