Galust Sahakyan on Kocharyan’s possible return (video)

Secretary of the Armenian National Congress (HAK) is amused to hear about Robert Kocharyan’s return to politics. This is an occasion for laughter.

“My knees are trembling from the news,” said Aram Manukyan.

The opposition lawmaker says Robert Kocharyan is only exercising his constitutional right, nothing more. “There are not such political phenomena in Armenia.”

Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Galust Sahakyan also takes the news about the second president’s return with humour. Asked whether the return of the only gentleman does not worry him, Mr Sahakyan said, “Our fear was measured long ago.”

He cannot predict what chances Kocharyan will have in the 2018 presidential elections and says ‘public demand should be considered.’ “There is no demand at this moment,” said Mr Sahakyan.

The parliament speaker has heard Kocharyan’s recent interview and watched the movie about it. The Republican Party of Armenia (HHK) has not discussed the film, nor is the party going to do it.

Galust Sahakyan is not even concerned by the fact that opposition Prosperous Armenia Party (BHK) has sided with Robert Kocharyan. “HHK can find a language [with different forces]. Politics creates a platform for agreements.”

Speaking about the constitutional amendments, Mr Sahakyan said the HHK is not going to recall the package. “We are for changes,” he said.